Topics Evolution That You See (TETYS) has been selected for funding (150K Euros) in the Next Generation Internet Search 2nd Call 2023. The Next Generation Internet is a European Commission initiative (with funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 101069813).


TETYS proposes the next-generation open-source Web topic explorer inspecting a big textual corpus, projecting results on a dashboard of topic trends with easy-to-drive statistical testing. It is composed of 1) a pipeline for ingesting huge data corpora, extracting highly relevant topics, clustered along orthogonal dimensions and 2) an interactive dashboard, supporting topic visualization as word clouds and exploration of temporal series.

The first prototype CorToViz prototype explores the CORD-19 dataset (COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 virus research abstracts). Many different domains will be explored using TETYS (e.g., climate change and controversial debates on social media).